Benchmarking Human Performance

Global Wellness Tracking

“To Create Exceptional Wellbeing” is our why.“Through Positive Wellness Habits” is our how.

Global Wellness Tracking is part of the Global Performance Testing International organisation who is a world leader in benchmarking human performance through the pillars of physical literacy from body to mind through motor, function, fitness and sport.

Using the very latest in valid technologies and researched procedures, our services include fitness testing, data analysis, long-term wellness tracking, unbiased talent identification, teaching and accreditation.

All products and services are reinforced under the GPTQA system to guarantee reliability, validity and consistency for all clients in all demographics and in all locations.This means that GPTQA services uniquely assure “apples for apples” supporting pure research and positive development.

Our expertise has circumnavigated the globe and we look forward to supporting you and your organisation with wellness tracking for a life-long journey to positive body and mind for athletes, coaches, parents, committee members, match officials and the supporter base.

See more at and contact us for an open discussion on your needs or project at [email protected].

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