Good Governance

Good governance practices are vital to the effective and efficient operations of any organisation, including sporting organisations. Sport Australia (formally Australian Sports Commission) defines governance as the system by which organisations are directed and managed. It directly impacts:

  • How an organisation develops strategic goals and direction
  • How the board of an organisation monitors the performance of the organisation to ensure it achieves these strategic goals, has effective systems in place and complies with its legal and regulatory obligations
  • Ensuring that the board acts in the best interests of the members.

Vicsport is committed to strengthening governance practices within Victorian sport. The following collection of resources, services and links have been compiled for use by sporting organisations and can be found by accessing the links below.

Governance Information and Resources

The following sections provide advice and guidance to sporting organisations about the effective governance practices. Vicsport’s evidence-based framework and approach is designed to provide sporting organisations with practical and easy to follow tools to strengthen governance practices, now and into the future.


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