Vicsport to strengthen child safety in sport through Body Safety Australia partnership

Vicsport is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Body Safety Australia (BSA) which will strengthen children’s right to safety in sport and a life free from violence and sexual abuse.

BSA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing community solutions that foster safe, robust, respectful relationships with children and young people. They deliver evidence-based strategies and programs to empower and educate children and young people, their families and all professionals who work with children.

BSA’s expertise is in providing whole of community primary prevention education, valuing children and young people's voices in their programs. They are specialists in co-producing projects with children aged 3-18 years old.

Earlier this year, Vicsport engaged BSA to facilitate a two-day advanced professional development workshop for the organisation as well as several State Sporting Associations. The session featured education on implementing child empowerment strategies and strengthening standards to ensure all children feel safe participating in sport.

The ongoing partnership will involve BSA working with 80 Vicsport members to ensure every organisation is fully compliant with child safety standards and continues their focus on children’s safety and well-being.

“BSA is delighted to partner with Vicsport in this program,” said Deanne Carson, CEO of Body Safety Australia. “We are proud of what we’ve done with schools and early childhood centres to prevent violence and abuse against children and look forward to extending this work into children’s sport.”

“It is very exciting to be working with BSA to support Vicsport members to be Child Safe organisations and, therefore, build safe clubs for children to enjoy sport and recreation,” said Lisa Hasker, CEO of Vicsport. “BSA’s expertise in providing whole of community primary prevention education is vital to creating safe and welcoming sporting clubs.”

Visit the Body Safety Australia website here and find a list of Vicsport's preferred suppliers and partners here.

About Vicsport:

For over 30 years Vicsport has provided advice, assistance and support to its members and the broader sports community. Through our extensive network, Vicsport's constituency includes 16,000 clubs and associations and over 3.9 million participants including paid staff and volunteers who make a significant contribution to the social, physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the Victorian community.

About Body Safety Australia:

Founded in 2015, Body Safety Australia promotes childhoods free from violence where children enjoy equitable and respectful relationships. Body Safety Australia is a not-for-profit organisation providing collaborative community solutions to foster robust, respectful relationships with children and young people. Their evidence-based strategies and programs empower and educate children and young people, their families and professionals in the home and school environments, offline and online. They have a strong commitment to provide all communities with body safety education that celebrates children of all socio-economic status, religions, abilities, sexuality and/or family structure.

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